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Lucile Perrier


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My activity

My work consists in providing technical support in genetics, molecular biology and genomics, and occasionally help on field work. More precisely, we study Tilapias (Fishes, Cichlidae) in which the sex determinism and the sexual differentiation are complex and varied, and which presents important capacities of adaptation to salinity. For this, I perform organ sampling, DNA and RNA extractions. For phenotyping or genotyping purposes, I look for or use markers related to traits of interest (phenotypic/genetic sex, adaptation to salinity…) by different approaches (PCR, sequencing…). Within the framework of characterization and monitoring projects of aquatic ecosystems, I will also be involved in environmental DNA approaches. Finally, I also participate in the management of collections of different types of samples (databases).

Keywords :

Genetic variability – Functional genomic – NGS – Tilapia – Aquaculture