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Élodie Pepey

Advanced research assistant IR

Membre de :

My activity

I work on research and development (R&D) themes for sustainable aquaculture in tropical and subtropical countries, using molecular and cellular biology tools.
The activities I carry out are aiming at:
– Developing molecular field diagnostic approaches to early identify pathogens affecting aquaculture production systems (bacteria, parasites).
– Evaluating the genotoxic effects of anthropogenic contaminants in fish farming environments (comet test, chromosomal aberrations…) by developing experimental studies adapted to our fields of study in Asia and Africa, to have sentinel indicators of the quality of the environment on the exposed organisms. The aim is to offer more resilient aquaculture systems through an agroecological approach.
I develop experimental trials that respond to the issues of the studied areas by building partnerships in the north and south and by training partners in the approaches developed.

Keywords :

Aquaculture – Molecular biology – Genotoxicity – Pathogen diagnosis – Tilapia

Responsabilities :

– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026