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Nathan Mazet

Postdoctoral fellow

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My activity

My research activities aim to combine macroevolution and historical biogeography to study diversification processes and to better understand the spatial dynamic of biodiversity at large spatial and temporal scales. I am interested in investigating some big macroevolutionnary questions such as: why some groups of organisms or regions of the world are extremely diverse while others are not? Can we explain the different patterns of latitudinal gradient of diversity? How biotic interaction could affect diversification at geological time scale? My PhD is about how environmental factors and biotic interactions can affect diversification with the case study of mammals and birds endemic from Neotropics. I try to adress this question with an integrative approach combining phylogenetic, biogeographic and eco-morphological data to determine what factors of diversification have influenced the evolutionary history of these groups.

Keywords :

Macroevolution – Historical biogeography – Phylogeny – Neotropics – Comparative methods

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