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Reyes Luelmo Lautenschlaeger

Postdoctoral fellow

Membre de :

My activity

I am paleoecologist and archaeologist. I study the past through the fossil microremains (pollen, NPPs, microcharcoal…) trapped in natural and archaeological deposits. I am interested in the relationships between the human being and its environment, in the way this relationship has built the landscape, and in searching historical processes hidden behind these cultural landscapes.

Coupling palynology and fire palaeoecology with other datasets (paleoclimatology, archaeo-historical information) I study vegetation changes, natural and social dynamics, and landscape transformation. This way I can build tools for social identity construction, landscape management and natural heritage knowledge and protection.

I hold a CNRS postdoc position in the MeSCAL Project (ANR), where I help to better understand how the current landscape in Southern California was built through the last 4000 years. We want to know how prehistoric migrations and colonial processes have changed the landscape in an area marked by high biodiversity and intense human vegetation management.

Keywords :

Palaeoecology – Palynology – Archaeology – Cultural landscapes – Anthropogenic impact