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Tal Kleinhause-Gedalyahou Goldman

PhD student
University of Montpellier

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My activity

I am a current PhD student working under the supervision of Élise Huchard, collaborating with Tsaobis Baboon Project and part of the DESPOT team. My research focuses on behavioral evolution, and specifically dominant personality in primates. As part of my work, I use long-term behavioral data to investigate individual differences in aggression and affiliation styles of wild Chacma baboons from the Tsaobis population in Namibia. I am very interested in the strategies that different individuals use in social and hierarchical situations, and how those might relate to either genetics, social learning, or personality. In the past, I worked with small mammals in the Northeast United States and Borneo; followed meerkats in the Kalahari for 18 months; observed and habituated chimpanzees in Sierra Leone and Guinea; and completed the MEME master program.

Keywords :

Behavioral Ecology – Animal Personality – Primatology – Dominance Style – Social Hierarchy

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