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Manon Hullot

PhD student
University of Montpellier

Membre de :

My activity

I am currently doing a PhD in co-direction between ISEM and PALEVOPRIM (Poitiers) on the paleoecology of extant and extinct Rhinocerotidae using a multi-proxy approach. I especially use dental microwear (diet proxy) and enamel hypoplasia (stress proxy), two fields of research that have been very little investigated in Rhinocerotoidea. The great abundance of rhinos in the fossil record and their incredible diversity thus remain largely under-exploited from this point of view. I also occasionally study mesowear and mortality curves to provide a more complete overview of some key sites or rhinos. The objective of my PhD is to explore the diversity of fossil rhinocerotidae in Eurasia in order to study i) whether it is associated with ecological disparity, ii) the effect of climate changes, and iii) whether there are significant differences between fossil species, geological periods and regions considered.

Keywords :

Rhinocerotidae – Microwear (DMTA) – Enamel hypoplasia – Paleoecology – Diet

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Gildas Merceron (PALEVOPRIM, Poitiers)