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Marie Haut-Labourdette

PhD student

Membre de :

My activity

My PhD project aims to reconstruct past climatic and environmental variations in northeastern Brazil over the last 40,000 years and to reveal the changing relationship between people and their environment during the Pleistocene and Holocene. The study will be based on a marine sediment core from the Northeast Brazilian margin (mouth of the Parnaiba River). The results of pollen and charcoal analyses as well as X-ray fluorescence scanning of cores combined with the results of other paleoclimatic tracers (radiocarbon dating, stable isotopes of foraminifera, biomarkers, environmental magnetism) that will be produced in parallel in the framework of the SESAME project, will provide qualitative and quantitative information on the dynamics of climate and ecosystems over the last 40,000 years.

Keywords :

Pollen – Marine core – Biomisation – Tropics – Last glacial

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Aline Govin (IPSL/LSCE, Gif sur Yvette)