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My activity

At the moment my research focusses on how interactions between parasites, competition and facilitation, impacts parasite life-history evolution including traits such as virulence and transmission. I do selection experiments with different species of spider mites (Tetranychus spp.) and soon plant viruses to see how these traits evolve when evolving or coevolving with another parasite species I also use inbred lines of spider mites to look at genetic relationships between parasite traits (virulence and transmission). Spider mites are an excellent system to measure both individual and population responses to selection.
Recently I have also been looking at how the scale of competition and type of dispersal impacts the evolution of sex allocation, sexual conflict and virulence, also in spider mites.

Keywords :

Virulence evolution – Coinfection – Species interactions – Host-parasite coevolution – Selection experiments

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the EEC team at ISEM
– Organiser of Montpellier Ecology and Evolution seminar series
– Teaching on the Masters (M2) ‘Parasitism and life-history trait’ and 3rd-year undergraduate course ‘Biology of Interactions
– Recommender PCI Evolutionary Biology