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Jules Dezeure

PhD student

Member of :

Work interests

My PhD is about the social and ecological determinants of individual variations of reproductive seasonality and their consequences for the fitness of both mothers and offspring. My model species are two populations of wild primates: chacma baboons in Namibia (Tsaobis Baboon Project) and mandrills in Gabon (Mandrillus Project). This study includes long-term data based analysis, along with morphological and behavioural data collected during two field seasons at Tsaobis.

Keywords :

Reproductive synchrony – Life history – Sociality – Behaviour – Primate

PhD supervisor(s) :

The Institute of Evolutionary Science of Montpellier (ISEM – University of Montpellier, CNRS, IRD, EPHE, CIRAD, INRAP) has been focusing research on biodiversity origins and dynamics and the associated evolutionary mechanisms.