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Anne-Lise Charruault

Research assistant AI

Membre de :

My activity

I am in charge of the preparation and curation of fossil specimens, from their discovery in the field to their referencing in the research collections of Montpellier University.
 In the field, in France and abroad, I am involved in the excavation and prospection campaigns.
 In the laboratory, I perform the extraction and chemical (e.g. acid bath), mechanical (e.g. pneumatic preparation tools), and virtual (e.g. acquisition and segmentation of 3D digital data generated by X-ray microtomography) preparation of fossil specimens.
 I also developed technical skills for casting rare and fragile specimens for which exact replicas are needed to be kept or shared with the paleontological community.
 I feed and manage the databases of different research collections in order to ensure organized conservation of specimens and data, which must be accessible to the entire scientific community, both nationally and internationally.
 I am also committed to sharing my preparation and casting skills with students, in the field and in the laboratory.

Keywords :

Field trips – Fossil preparation – Casting – 3D scanning and segmentation – Collection management

Responsabilities :

– In charge of the “Preparations” facility at ISEM belonging to the “Bioindicators” services
– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026