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Benoît Brossier

Advanced research assistant IR

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My activity

I am a research assistant at the CNRS, specialising in dendrochronology. Within ISEM, I am in charge of the Dendrology technical facility. I carry out the maintenance, upkeep and purchase of the field equipment and machine tools necessary for the sampling and preparation of samples. I am also in charge of the technological watch of the measuring stations that allow the analysis of samples.
Every year, I carry out several field missions in support of the PAST department’s researchers’ projects. I manage the logistics (preparation of equipment, administrative authorisations), I supervise the students in the implementation of their sampling protocols and in the laboratory in the preparation and analysis of their samples.
The studies in which I am involved focus on dendro-ecology (forest dynamics, fire, etc.), dendro-archaeology (dating of historical buildings) and more recently on anthraco-chronology with the development of a new method for applying dendrochronology protocols to archaeological charcoal.

Keywords :

Dendrochronology – Dendro-ecology – Anthraco-chronology – Dendro-archaeology – Ecology