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My activity

The One Health concept highlights the need for transversal and multiscale approaches recognizing the interconnection between humans, animals, plants and their shared environment. Mitochondria are membrane-enclosed organelles, ubiquitously found in eukaryotes (unicellular species, animals, plants and fungi). Originally derived from endosymbiotic bacteria, they play a vital role in energy production as well as other cellular processes. It is considered that all physicochemical, parasitic and microbial influences that surround eukaryotic life forms are translated into changes in mitochondrial structure and function. Mitochondria thus provide the missing link between cellular, organismal and environmental health. In this context, we are engaged in understanding how mitochondria contribute to the complex adaptive responses observed under pathological or stress conditions. In parallel, we develop a transdisciplinary approach using the ‘complex thought’ framework, while we commit ourselves in the widespread dissemination of scientific culture.

Keywords :

Quantitative microscopy – Biomarkers in health and disease – One Health concept – Open University – Environmental risk assessment and predictive toxicology

Responsabilities :

– Founder member of the ‘Reliance en complexité’ network supported by Edgar Morin’s Chair on Complex Thought ( ). Since 2019
– Founder member and webmaster of the French Cell Death Network (RFMC) ( ). Since 2017.
– Member of the Scientific Council of Fondation SILAB-Jean Paufique ( ). Since 2011
– Founder of The BCL-2 Database (BCL2DB) and President of Scientific Advisory Board ( ). Since 2009