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PhD student life

ISEM doctoral students are involved in the life of the Institute far beyond their thesis work! Here you will find all the news concerning them, the events they organize and a media corner where they discuss their research.


PhD students week 2020 - Louise Heitzmann

Brain sexualization of X*Y females in the African pygmy mouse, Mus minutoides | Louise Heitzmann


PhD students week 2020 - Matthieu Breil

Origins and diversity of the date palm at al-‘Ula: genomics, ethnobotany and archaeology | Matthieu Breil


PhD students week 2020 - Mary Robles

Vegetation dynamics, climate history and human impact around Lake Sevan in Armenian steppes during the Holocene | Mary Robles


PhD students week 2020 - Nicolas Leurs

L’origine évolutive de la biominéralisation chez les vertébrés | Nicolas Leurs


PhD students week 2020 - Pierre Barry

Lifetime tables impact genetic diversity in marine fishes | Pierre Barry


Semaine des doctorants 2020 - Lugdiwine Burtschell

Saisonnalité de la reproduction des mammifères | Lugdiwine Burtschell
Equipe| Biologie Evolutive Humaine (BEH)


PhD student week 2020 - Stanislas Rigal

Major and contrasted decline of birds in Europe | Stanislas Rigal

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