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Genotyping-Sequencing facility

The Genotyping-Sequencing (GenSeq) facility is specialized in molecular genetics analysis for scientific studies in the field of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of wild non-model as well as model species. The facility is nevertheless open for any other project where its expertise is required. Everything required for high-quality analysis is available there: expertise, equipment, facilities and servicing. All the main apparatus are operated, maintained and upgraded by the qualified personnel.
Several technologies are available:
– High throughput extraction of nucleic acids
– Quantitative and qualitative analysis of DNA or RNA
– Automatic sample handling for preparation and analysis
– Capillary electrophoresis for genotyping and Sanger sequencing
– Ultrasonic molecule shearing
– Genomic or amplified DNA library preparations
– High-throughput sequencing on Illumina MiSeq bench sequencer

Coordination :
Advanced research assistant IR
Informations complémentaires :

The GenSeq facility is mutualised facility of the LabEx CeMEB. Its service is available to all LabEx CeMEB research departments, as well as to external research departments and private laboratories. It is located on the second floor of building 24 at the Triolet campus of the University of Montpellier. For more information, please use this email.


Erick Desmarais

Advanced research assistant IR

Cathy Liautard-Haag

Short-term advanced research assistant IR

Valentina Neglia

Short-term research assistant IE