South America

ISEM is very active in South America and the West Indies, with research focused particularly on the issue of grassland and forest fire dynamics in relation to climate change, in Brazil with the University of São Paulo, as well as in Bolivia with the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Andrés. Another ISEM cross-cutting research focus in the region concerns the evolution of neotropical biodiversity (past and present; Amazonia, Andes and West Indies) in relation to tectonic and climate factors. The latter involves numerous multinational partnerships and doctoral/postdoctoral co-supervision, financed mainly by LabEx CEBA and various French National Research Agency (ANR) and European Research Council (ERC) projects. Finally, collaborations with the Cayenne hospital concern the dynamics of animal parasitic disease epidemics, a mainstay of ISEM research in the Global South, French Guiana and the Amazon Basin.