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Monique Vianey-Liaud

Emeritus professor
Université de Montpellier

Membre de :

My activity

Research areas: On the origins of modern mammals groups in North Africa, and the evolution of Rodents in Europe. I have also worked (and continue) on Paleocene and Eocene Multituberculates and Late Cretaceous dinosaur eggshells. But my main topics are the modes and rates of evolution of Paleogene rodents and their relationships with the environmental and paleogeographical changes. As a consequence, I am involved in the stratigraphy and correlations of European Paleogene deposits (Languedoc basins and fissure fillings from Phosphorites du Quercy.

Technics and Methods: Field activities (prospecting, washing-sieving) Essentially comparative analyses of dental morphology; character analyses. Biometry. Morphoanatomy of the appendicular skeleton of rodents (theridomorphs). Graphical representations.

Activities of collective interest : Within the “Association des Amis des Collections de l’Université de Montpellier” (animation of the Association, cataloguing and collection storage).

Keywords :

Evolution – Morphological analysis – Rodents – Paleogene – Europe

Responsabilities :

– President of the « Association des amis des Collections de l’Université »
– Member of the scientific council and the advisory committee of natural reserves: RNNG Ste Victoire (13), and RNNG Phosphatières du Quercy(46)