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Cécile Triay

PhD student

Membre de :

My activity

I am interested in questions of evolutionary biology and in aspects of genetics, genomics and molecular evolution in particular. I work more specifically on the evolution of sex-determination and differentiation and sex chromosomes. In the framework of my thesis, I focused on the model of the Nile Tilapia, an African cichlid of economic interest with a complex sex-determination system, both genetic and environmental. With a strong affinity for bioinformatics analysis of NGS data (short and long reads), I address the study of sex-determination in natural populations through multiple approaches such as RAD, ddRAD, RNAseq and Whole Genome Sequencing.

Keywords :

Sex determination – Genomics – Sex chromosomes – Masculinization – Nile tilapia

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Thomas D. Kocher (UMD, Maryland, USA)