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Adrien Tran Lu Y

PhD student

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My activity

My PhD research project aims at understanding the genetic structure and connectivity of populations of deep hydrothermal vent organisms occupying the back-arc basin of the Southwest Pacific Ocean. The main objective is to understand the resilience of these ecosystems through a multi-species comparative approach. This involves population structuring analyses, as well as demographic inferences from genomic polymorphism data obtained by RAD-Sequencing. My different study models are invertebrates of hydrothermal vents of the Southwest Pacific, including gastropods such as Ifremeria nautilei, Alviniconcha kojima and A. shinkailepas, but also bivalves such as the hydrothermal mussels Bathymodiolus as well as cirripeds and polynoids.

Keywords :

Population genomics – Connectivity – Population structure – Conservation – Hydrothermal vents

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Stéphane Hourdez (CNRS OOB, LECOB)