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Rodolphe Tabuce


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My activity

Paleomammalogist and anatomist, my research activities are centred around two main themes: i) on the initial radiation and basal phylogeny of Afrotherian mammals (mainly hyracoids, macroscelideans and proboscideans) and ii) on the evolution of mammal faunas from Southern Europe during the extreme climate warming episodes that characterized the Early Eocene. In this macroevolutionary and climate perspectives, I analyze pattern and timing of placental evolution, by carrying out systematic, phylogenetic, and paleobiogeographic studies. This work is based on extensive fieldwork, the only real source of novelty in palaeontology, and on multidisciplinary collaborations regarding paleoenvironmental and chronological aspects.

Keywords :

Mammals – Africa – Europe – Cenozoic – Macro-evolution

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the Paleontology team at ISEM
– Chief Editor of Palaeovertebrata (
– Member of the Regional Geological Heritage Commission (Occitanie region),
– Member of the Regional Scientific Council for Natural Heritage (Occitanie region)