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Marie Riffis

PhD student
University of Montpellier

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My activity

I am working on biased gene conversion (gBGC), which is a transmission bias associated with recombination that is widespread in the living world. This process can favor alleles independently of their selective value, going against natural selection, and can therefore induce a genetic burden.
The first objective is to characterize the compensatory evolutionary process taking place after a gBGC episode, using phylogenetic analysis in murine rodents.
The second objective of my thesis is to quantify the strength of gBGC and the burden it induces and to study its variation across species and genome regions. For this, I will use population genetics/genomics models, and the analyses can be carried out in particular in humans, but also in other mammalian groups.

Keywords :

Gene conversion – Molecular evolution – Population genomic – Bioinformatics

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