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Mathieu Pélissié

PhD student
University of Montpellier

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My activity

I am interested by population dynamics and the numerous factors which are shaping them in a context of global change. As part of my PhD conducted under the supervision of Vasilis Dakos and Vincent Devictor, I try to describe population trajectories under various disturbance regimes. To this end, I use time series from fisheries distributed worldwide to propose a global analysis of abrupt and nonlinear trajectories that integrates life history, environmental, and exploitation-related parameters of those fish populations. Those approaches aim at the implementation of dynamical tools assessing the level of vulnerability of fisheries in order to inform stakeholders about the degree of emergency required in the enforcement of effective measures to prevent rapid and long-lasting collapses of fisheries.

Keywords :

Abrupt shifts – Population dynamics – Global change – Time series – Fisheries

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