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Antoine Pariselle


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My activity

I am leading researches about systematics (description of more than 180 new species), evolution and coevolution of Monogenea and their associated fish hosts. Now posted in Morocco, I mainly study cichlids from Central Africa (Cameroon, Lake Tanganyika, Victoria), and Morocco, together with their parasites (used as biological tags for hosts evolution and biogeography). I am taking part in the Master « Biodiversity, valorization and conservation » from the Faculté des Sciences in Rabat for which I manage the module « Biogeography and evolution » together and I lead the module « Parasites and lasting interactions ». For this reason, I supervise several students (Master and thesis). One article which describes my activity: Vanhove M.P.M., Hablützel P.I., Pariselle A., Šimková A., Huyse T., & Raeymaekers J.A.M. (2016) Cichlids: a host of opportunities for evolutionary parasitology. Trends in Parasitology, 32, 820–832,

Keywords :

Systematics – Monogenea – Biogeography – Cichlid fishes – Africa