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Münevver Oral

Postdoctoral fellow
University of Montpellier

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My activity

My research interests involve understating the speciation process in brown trout, a species of global scientific and economic interest. What is the origin of the high level of endemism and phenotypic differentiation present in this species? Is there a link with the evolution of genomic architecture marked by an additional cycle of whole-genome duplication during evolution? My approach involves application of high throughput sequencing technologies to enable better resolution of genome-wide diversity patterns. Are there lineage-specific genomic regions that could shed light on the mechanisms of diversification and improve conservation measures of the different trout lineages? Can we apply those experiences gathered for other species of commercial aquatic interest? These are some of the fundamental questions of the one-year postdoc project that I have been carrying out at the ISEM.

Keywords :

Trout – Aquaculture – Population genomics – Speciation – Genetic and taxonomic diversity