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Julien Offresson

PhD student
University of Montpellier

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My activity

Within the framework of my PhD, I use modelisation approaches to better understand the impacts of assisted gene flow – conservation strategies aiming to accelerate genetic adaptation – on natural populations. I study populations with complex life cycles, within which individuals transit between different stages that have different ecologies and sensitivities to climate. Among other things, I try to understand how genetic variance on different life-history traits influences the probability of evolutionary rescue of declining populations. In particular, I’m working on the Centaurée de la Clape, a micro-endemic Asteraceae of the Massif de la Clape in the south of France. Although my work is theoretical, it aims to inform future conservation actions. The approaches I use are rooted in the paradigms of quantitative genetics and life history theory.


Keywords :

Evolutionary rescue – Stage structured population – Eco-evo dynamics – Quantitative genetic – Conservation

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Olivier Cotto (INRAE, Plant Health Institute of Montpellier)