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Henning Nottebrock

Temporary lecturer
University of Montpellier

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My activity

I am working as a lecturer and researcher (ATER position) at ISEM at University of Montpellier. My academic background reflects research in conservation ecology and evolutionary ecology as well as landscape ecology and environmental modeling. My research focuses on community dynamics including abiotic and biotic interactions, which depend on intra- and interspecific variation in demographic processes. I have taken multidisciplinary approaches to address these questions and I have developed novel trait-based neighborhood approaches incorporating observations and experiments at different spatial and temporal scales. Current projects include studies on pollination-, spatial- and evolutionary ecology, especially on community dynamics to reveal ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services in natural and agricultural ecosystems. My research goal is to achieve sustainable development strategies related to climate change, biodiversity and land management.

Keywords :

Pollination – Biodiversity – Conservation Biology – Spatial Ecology – Sustainable Agriculture