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Mehdi Mouana

Short-term technician
University of Montpellier

Membre de :

My activity

I am in charge of the paleontological and osteological collections of ISE-M. My job consists in guaranteeing the good preservation, organization, and valorization of fossil and extant specimens.
I ensure the good conservation conditions of the collections by intervening on their storage conditions, while guaranteeing their accessibility. When necessary, I carry out restoration operations.
I guide visitors (internal or foreign researchers, doctoral students) and provide them with the specimens they are interested in.
I also take pictures and measurements for remote studies. I am responsible for specimen loans mainly for research purposes, sometimes for exhibitions. I also carry out detailed inventories which, alongside with donations and material collected during field expeditions, are added to the databases that I regularly keep up to date

Keywords :

Collection management – Databases – Fossils – Vertebrates