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Oliver Kaltz

Senior researcher

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My activity

My main research focus is the evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions. I use experimental evolution approaches to investigate fundamental questions concerning the interplay between demography (epidemiology) and evolution, ultimately shaping the genetic diversity within and across populations. Across various projects, I have studied how costs of adaptation and trade-offs influence genotype-by-genotype interactions, patterns of local adaptation, evolution of parasite transmission mode and virulence as well as host resistance evolution. My research also highlights the importance of spatial structure and environmental heterogeneity. Using experimental metapopulations, I have shown how spatiotemporal environmental fluctuations, together with dispersal, can modulate not only infection outbreaks and population extinction, but also long-term (co)evolutionary trajectories. Understanding these processes is particularly relevant in the context of climate change. In recent projects, I have investigated issues of evolutionary ecology in the context of phage therapy.

Keywords :

Host-parasite – Local adaptation – Virulence – Coevolution – Dispersal

Responsabilities :

– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026