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Kazi Ahmed Kabir


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My activity

I am a researcher in ISEM –DIVA team. My research is focused on tropical aquaculture system inclusive of smallholders. In my recent research I have brought the concept of system level nutrient management for aquaculture – focusing pond as the most common system. This allows me to explore the environment-species and nutrient inter-action for low-input, efficient and sustainable fish farming. While digging deeper into the pond system dynamics I found possibilities of using microbial food web in the pond to utilize non-conventional products, food waste and agricultural by products to use as useful feed ingredients. Thus I brought pond aquaculture more strongly in the circular approach of food production. I have done substantial work on integrated aquaculture systems such as rice-aquaculture and mangrove-aquaculture systems prior joining Cirad.

Keywords :

Pond aquaculture – Nutrient management – Circularity – Feed ingredients