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Sébastien Joannin


Membre de :

My activity

My research is oriented on palynology, the study of the pollen grain which is a proxy of the vegetation, and to the Mediterranean region (from Morocco to Armenia). Pollen analyses, integrated into a multi-proxy approach, help me to decipher climate mechanisms and human impact on the landscape. My expertise is centred on the Caucasus, with numerous collaboration (many from archaeological domain), several doctorate supervisions and projects proposal to ANR. This field extends eastward, on steppes and boreal forests from Eurasia, in order to account for ecological perturbations in a paleoecological view. This project is part of the French-Canadian LRI “Forêts Froides”.

Keywords :

Paleoecology – Climate/human impacts – Pleistocene-Holocene – Mediterranean-Eurasia

Responsabilities :

– Administrator of the pollen extraction laboratory and the pollen microscopes pool at ISEM
– Treasurer of the French Association of Palynologists