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Adeline Hemelsdaël

Short-term research assistant IE

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My activity

I am working within the DEMETER ERC (2020-2025, PI: A. Evin). My work mainly involves the acquisition and processing of morphometric data from wild animals (eagle, mouflon, wolf) and domestic animals (goat, sheep, dog). I perform 2D/3D measurements on bone remains (talus, skull, petrous bone/internal ear, mandible). My aims are 1. to obtain geometric morphometrics data from 2D images or 3D digital models (CT scan or photogrammetry); 2. to perform analyses to distinguish closely related species (e.g. goat/sheep, dog/wolf); 3. and to conduct a diachronic study of morphometric variation in several dog breeds to investigate anthropogenic selection pressures on animal morphometry. At the same time, I am preparing carpological databases that will allow L. Bouby, A. Evin and J. Ros to study the agricultural dynamics of the last eight millennia and to cross-reference archaeozoological and archaeobotanical data.

Keywords :

Domestication – Archaeozoology – Geometric morphometrics – Artificial selection – Petrous bone