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Vincent Girard

University of Montpellier

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My activity

My research work focuses on forest paleoecosystems, more precisely on Mediterranean ones. I am interested in trophic interactions and their evolution over time. I am trying to better characterize Mediterranean paleo-forests, their paleoecology and their functioning through the study of trophic interactions that existed in these environments.
I am interested in 3 geological periods in particular:
– the Paleogene for which I am interested in 2 events (or series of events) in southern Europe, namely the hyperthermal events of the Paleocene / Eocene boundary and the cooling of the end of the Oligocene.
– The Holocene with the modifications of vegetation in North Africa during the last Green Sahara.
– The modern time with the calibration of different proxies thanks to modern vegetation.

Keywords :

Paleo-forests – Interactions – Climate – Taphonomy

Responsabilities :

– co-responsable de la Licence 3 SV parcours BE
– co-responsable du Master 1 BEE parcours CEPAGE
– co-responsable du Master 2 BEE parcours MédiACCES
– Membre du bureau du Département d’enseignement Biologie-Ecologie
– Coordinateur du Projet TakeOff IBIO de Muse