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Catherine Girard

Junior researcher

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My activity

My research focuses on one topic: the responses of organisms to environmental changes and mobilizes complementary approaches. So far my research has focused on one period, in particular, the Upper Devonian (-380 to -360Ma), punctuated by two biological crises recognized at a global scale. These extinction crises are part of the 7 major crises that affected the biological diversity and are the consequence of important environmental changes. I use an organism of interest: the conodont. In order to evaluate how these organisms react to environmental changes, I quantify the variations of their shape, and for this purpose, I use geometric morphometrics. In parallel, geochemical analyses are realized on the buccal remains of these conodonts, allowing to evaluate the paleotemperatures (isotopes of oxygen) and the trophic position of these organisms (isotopes of calcium).

Keywords :

Conodonts – Devonian – Crises – Morphometry – Geochemistry