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Emmanuel Douzery

University of Montpellier

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My activity

1. Molecular phylogeny and Systematics (i) Mammals: Rodents (Echimyids, Arvicolines et Murines), Primates, Chiropterans, Cetartiodactyls (Bovids and Cervids), Xenarthrans, and (ii) Tunicates (= Urochordates): Aplousobranchians, Phlebobranchians, Thaliaceans, Stolidobranchians, and Appendicularians. 2. Phylogenetic inference, Phylogenomics, and Bioinformatic : Supermatrices and supertrees. 3. Molecular dating: Evolutionary rates and relaxed molecular clocks. 4. Comparative mitochondrial and nuclear genomics: Molecular evolution of orthologues (see the OrthoMaM database) and paralogues, identification and characterization of phylogenetic markers, and dynamics of nucleotide and amino acid compositions.

Keywords :

Phylogeny – Molecular evolution – Mammals – Tunicates – Comparative genomics

Responsabilities :

– Responsible for the teaching pathway Master 2nd year DARWIN-BEE “Evolutionary biology and Ecology”
– Co-responsible for the Master “Biodiversity-Ecology-Evolution” (200 students)