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Fiona Cornet

PhD student

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My activity

Currently in a doctoral thesis, my research aims to study the floristic, functional and structural sensitivity of Central African forests, mainly in Cameroon, to climate and land use changes over thousands of years.
Pollen analysis from modern pollen spectra (decades) and lake sedimentary sequences along an altitudinal gradient (millennia) coupled with a multi-indicator (charcoal, XRF, isotopes, etc.) and multidisciplinary approach allows the study of the dynamics of tropical ecosystems in the face of disturbances.
These data, associated with the functional traits of plants, make it possible to reconstruct the functional history of forests in tropical environments in order to better understand their response over time, while improving our predictions concerning the composition and future functioning of tropical forests.

Keywords :

Paleoecology – Tropical ecosystems – Palynology – Functional traits – Disturbances

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Responsabilities :

– Member of the Scientific Council of Cosciences