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Jean-Loup Claret Imbert

PhD student

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My activity

My interest lies in evolutionary biology and more precisely in the local adaptation process and its impact on genome evolution. During my PhD, I’ll be working with Pierrick Labbé, under the co-supervision of Pascal Milesi of the SciLifeLab (Uppsala University). My goal is to understand the genomic architectures and fitness impact of adaptive alleles found in mosquitoes. In response to organophosphate insecticides applications, a striking diversity of heterogeneous duplications have been selected, encompassing the ace-1 locus and associating at least one susceptible copy and one resistant copy (G119 S mutation), in several mosquito species (Culex pipiens, C. quiquefasciatus and Anopheles gambiae). The worldwide distribution of these duplications and a long-term samples collection from the Montpellier region (over 40 years) will provide me with unique insights on how the genomic architecture of an adaptation impacts the adaptive process and genome evolution.

Keywords :

Natural selection – Adaptation – Genomics – Adaptative duplications – Mosquitoes

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Pascal Milesi (Uppsala university, Sweden)