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Emira Cherif

Postdoctoral fellow

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My activity

My research interests revolve around understanding the evolutionary dynamics of genomes through the capture of genomic diversity via genomics, bioinformatics, and machine-learning approaches. In this context, I am interested in three areas:
● The adaptation of genomes to their environment within the framework of biological invasions (fish model).
● Adaptation of host/pathogen genomes in the context of emerging pathogens (fungus/mycobacteria/animal and human virus models).
● The evolution of sex-linked regions (Palm models).
The research projects that I conduct have a dual impact where understanding fundamental concepts would allow more efficient biodiversity conservation, animal and human health, as well as a more sustainable nutritional production (aquaculture systems and agro ecosystems), especially in developing countries (Guyana, Mediterranean, Cambodia).

Keywords :

One Health/EcoHealth – Population genomics – Genome structure – Comparative genomics