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Lucie Chabal


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My activity

My research interest relates to the biodiversity, palaeoecology and palaeogeography of the forests in the south of France since the Tardiglacial period with a focus from the Neolithic (around 6000 BC) to the High Middle Ages, through anthracology and xylology. Anthracology is based on rigorous sampling of charcoal in archaeological sites, identification of taxa using episcopic microscopy, and quantitative analyses. My themes are: the methodology of anthracology, the coastal paleoecology, the post-glacial extension of forests due to global warming, the forest status of Mediterranean taxa, the spatial heterogeneity of forest dynamics, the first forest transformations due to human activity during the Early Neolithic, the adaptive strategies of taxa and their competitive relationships leading to sustainable dynamic equilibria and, finally, the study of forest management practices (supported by the study of fuelwood for craft activities) via innovative approaches in dendro-anthracology and modelling.

Keywords :

Anthracology – Dynamics of Mediterranean woodlands – Forest management practices Holocene – Neolithic

Responsabilities :

– Anthracology comparison collections (with Bertrand Limier)
– Database of anthracology comparison collections
– Bioarchaeology collections of the DBA team (with Laurent Bouby)