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Recently returned from a 3-year sabbatical to gain experience in the private sector, my activities at ISEM are currently being defined. They will certainly be diversified, given my 30 years’ experience in various aquaculture fields. They could concern control of the rearing cycle, optimization of aquaculture systems and their integration into the environment. In practical terms, this could mean controlling fish reproduction and nurseries, integrating several species to optimize nitrogen fixation, and testing feeds using local raw materials. This work could include animal and plant species (fish, crustaceans, shellfish, micro- and macro-algae) in various aquatic environments (freshwater to seawater, earthen ponds, floating cages, rice fields, tanks). Research will be carried out in the various fields where Aquabios team colleagues work in Africa (Guinea, Madagascar) and Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam).

Keywords :

Aquaculture – Reproduction – Nursing – Nutrition – System