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Marta Caballero Huertas


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My activity

My interests reside in physiology, ecology, and genomics of fish reproduction, as well as their relationship with body condition. These disciplines are essential for the development of sustainable aquaculture, especially in tropical countries, where the search for integrated farming methods and ecological intensification is growing. In addition to contributing to the characterization of reproductive and biological traits to identify generic breeding methods for tropical fish in captivity, my research task is aimed at evaluating the impacts of farming on fish individuals.
Previous investigations carried out have been evaluating condition and reproductive traits of a marine pelagic fish (Doctoral Thesis). Furthermore, I studied the reproduction of rare fish species in an area as a method of predicting their settlement. Also, I have researched about immune-reproductive system molecular interactions in zebrafish (i.e. model species). I am passionate about dissemination and projects that involve different sectors and disciplines to meet common goals.

Keywords :

Adaptation to captivity – Integrated aquaculture – Reproductive biology – Body condition – Tropical fish farming