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Christine Bibal

Advanced research assistant IR

Membre de :

My activity

In charge of the Documentation platform, with the mission of providing a wide-ranging service for accessing and sharing scientific information by :
– enhancing the value of the unit’s scientific output through the collation and bibliometric analysis of scientific publications
– supporting research teams in Open Access publishing and raising awareness of the challenges of Open Access and Open Archives
– assisting researchers in depositing their publications in the HAL national archive, and harmonizing metadata within the unit’s HAL collection as HAL ISEM referent
– participation in the DAFNEE (Database of Academia Friendly jourNals in Ecology and Evolution) working group
– management and conservation of the local and national library collection, in partnership with the Montpellier Inter-University Library
– training courses, personalized support in the use of documentary resources, and monitoring and communication on Open Science issues and practices.

Keywords :

Documentary resources – Documentary research – Training – Valuing scientific publications – Publication ethics – HAL Open Archive – Open Science

Responsabilities :

– Co-Animation of the CNRS network of IST professionals in Occitanie Doccitanist. Member of the Renatis national IST network