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Estelle Barbot

Postdoctoral fellow
University of Montpellier

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My activity

My research focuses on identifying sexual selection mechanisms acting in angiosperms, with the help of sexual selection metrics classically used in animal studies. In this context, I am particularly interested in studying (i) floral traits effects on pollinator attraction during the pre-pollination phase, and how these effects could vary between sexes or sexual functions, (ii) processes involved in intra- versus intersexual selection with a focus on pollen-pistil interactions at the post-pollination phase, and (iii) ecological context effects (e.g., pollinator abundance) on the intensity of pre- and post-pollination sexual selection. To answer these research questions, I mainly use an experimental approach (e.g., supplementations, phenotypic manipulations). I also investigate the effects of demographical and ecological context in terms of pollen availability in natura.

Keywords :

Sexual selection – Mating success – Floral traits – Pollinators – Pollen-Pistil