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Christine Arbiol

Research assistant AI

Membre de :

My activity

I transferred to ISEM in 2016.
In the BEM team my main roles are:
I collaborate on projects studying the evolution of marine species (ANR projects, Theses, Masters). I manage, develop and implement experimental work that takes place internally within the team, notably molecular biology techniques including second and third-generation sequencing: i) Construction of Rad-seq libraries, ii) Development and adaptation of long DNA extraction protocols and MinION sequencing. My research focusses on different organisms including various fish (Rad-seq, Reference genomes) and the blue mussel complex (Hybridization, Reference genomes and transmissible cancers). I also contribute to the dissemination of know-how within the team and to external collaborators and participate in the functioning of the laboratory.

Keywords :

Marine species – NGS – MinION – Seq

Responsabilities :

– With my colleagues from the “Cold Team”, I contribute to the management of the fleet of -80 and -20 ° C freezers bringing together tissue and nucleic acid collections
– ISEM continuing training correspondent