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Olugbenga Alebiosu

Postdoctoral fellow

Membre de :

My activity

I am an early-career academic and researcher, contributing to existing knowledge on palaeoecology, aerobiology, palynology, palynology, palaeobotany, pollen allergenicity studies, Quaternary rainforest dynamics and ecosystem restoration. I am interested in reconstructing the palaeoecological conditions of terrestrial ecosystems and some environmentally important areas. I am exploring pollen, charcoal and isotopic records to reconstruct vegetation in response to past climatic changes, especially vegetation changes during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in the last 20,000 years in the Central African Republic. The research is expected to reveal periods of landscape change influenced by climatic variations and human disturbances.
I am also interested in advancing knowledge of pollen allergenicity, as well as safe risk periods for pollen allergy sufferers by formulating a pollen calendar in their localities, thereby enabling prophylaxis for pollen hypersensitive individuals to mitigate the exacerbating health, occupational and economic burden of pollen allergens.

Keywords :

Palynomorphs – Anthropic – Paleoclimate – Airborne – Pollen Allergenicity