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Dine Adjouba

Research assistant AI

Membre de :

My activity

Identifying the need of the users and the nature of any work to be carried out (intervention at the scale of a building, in offices, technical rooms, laboratories, microcopy rooms, meeting rooms, etc.).
-Estimating costs of work (requesting quotes from third-party service providers and negotiating prices)
-Liaise with the Directorate regarding budget allocation, funding applications, and drafting of the request (type of project, funding required and quote, projected plan of work).
-Define the duration of works (with a contingency for unforeseen events, human error, technical issues, or weather events,…); Implementation of contingency planning.
-Identify constraints specific to each work scope (noise, power cuts, dust). Evaluate how the work will impact research activities (ongoing experiments, meetings,…)
-Communicate with and regularly disseminate information to laboratory directors/the Directorate and staff regarding different activities taking place, start dates, duration, delays, progress reports, end dates as well as a summary of works completed.

Keywords :

Logistics – Plumbing – Heating – Air conditioning – Electricity

Responsabilities :

– Logistics manager
– Prevention (health and safety) assistant at ISEM