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Thierry Pastor

Université de Montpellier

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My activity

I provide technical support to research staff, particularly in terms of assembling palaeoenvironmental data, setting up sampling protocols, preparing and participating in field trips, treating biological specimens in the laboratory. I am part of the DBA (Dynamics of Biodiversity and Anthropo-ecology) team at ISEM, where I participate in the investigations concerning plant and animal domestication (Vitis vinifera, Phoenix dactylifera, Olea europaea, Sus scrofa …). I also collaborate with the DEEP (Dynamics of Ecosystems, Ecology of Perturbations, and Palaeoclimate) team, by participating sporadically on the investigations concerning woody plants regeneration, carried out at the natural reserve of La Massane (Eastern Pyrenees), as part of the program on ‘biodiversity observation’ supported by the OSU OREME.