Molecular diagnostic tests

Studies on the diversity of aquaculture pathogens have led to the development of a new method for the detection and identification of microorganisms with lethal impacts on fish farms. This method is based on high-resolution DNA melting analysis for sensitive, rapid cost-effective diagnosis. A proof of concept carried out on 19 mycobacteria species led to the filing of two patents and to an industrial innovation initiative (2016-2019) funded by SATT-AxLR. An industrial partnership was created with IDVet, a firm that has signed an exclusive licence agreement for the use of one of these patents in the animal health field. Meanwhile, a commercial software package (MelTree, international IDDN registering in progress) was developed for analysis automation. The partnership with IDVet was recently strengthened via the set up of the “DiagMelt” LabCom (2019-2021), which is geared towards marketing diagnostic kits.