ISEM has launched the DAFNEE database (Database of Academia Friendly jourNals in Ecology and Evolution), which offers a list of non-profit, learned society, museum or university-associated journals relevant to ecology and evolutionary biology. The database includes generalist journals (e.g. eLife, PLoS Biol, PNAS, Science), flagship society journals (e.g. Am Nat, Heredity, JEB, Proc B, MBE, Syst Biol), Open Science initiatives (e.g. Peer Community In, MorphoMuseuM), and many high-quality journals specialised in palaeo-archaeobiology, systematics, genetics, theoretical biology, organismal biology, environmental and health sciences. To support these academia-friendly journals and contribute to a fairer scientific publishing system, DAFNEE makes this regularly updated list of journals available to scientists to promote interacting with these journals as an author, reviewer or editor.
Link to DAFNEE