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Jeanne Tonnabel


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My activity

I am a plant evolutionary biologist interested in studying selective processes that shape plant reproductive and vegetative strategies. Currently, my research focusses on testing key predictions of the theory of sexual selection in the plant kingdom to unveil the importance of selection for access to sexual partners in shaping plant strategies. We test hypotheses about how sexual selection may operate when pollen tubes interact with pistil tissues, whether some sort of cryptic female choice may evolve in plants, how sexual selection may be mediated by pollinators, and whether it acts in a condition-dependent way.
My research is interdisciplinary, and combines theoretical modeling, phylogenetics, comparative analyses, population biology, experimental evolution, and proteomics.

Keywords :

Sexual selection – plant evolution – experimental evolution – pollen-pistil interactions – cryptic female choice

Responsabilities :

– Co-organiser of Montpellier Ecology and Evolution seminar series (SEEM)