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Odile Peyron

Senior researcher

Membre de :

My activity

My research aims to reconstruct quantitatively the paleoclimates from proxies (pollen …). My objectives are : (1) to understand climate variability over the last million years, short and long trends, rapid events and their spatial distribution; (2) to produce reliable regional climate syntheses that can be compared with climate models; (3) to identify the impact of climate change on human societies. I reconstruct the spatial variability of climate events in order to understand climate mechanisms and forcings. It is therefore essential to provide quality biotic/abiotic proxies (multi-proxies…) and reliable methods (multi-methods). The choice of the regions studied (Europe, Mediterranean…) is motivated by the number of data and by the diversity of environments. I am also developing new methodological approaches to better understand the pollen/vegetation relationships in the present (OSU PolliMed Project). Since 2016, I’m the scientific co-manager of the Palynology facility (PollenExtra) at ISEM

Keywords :

Paleoclimates – Proxies – Pollen – Transfer functions – Last climate cycle

Responsabilities :

– Since 2016, scientific co-manager of the Palynology facility (PollenExtra) at ISEM
– Member of the CST of the OSU OREME