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Maëva Orliac


Membre de :

My activity

My principal research fields are Phylogeny, Systematics (Taxonomy) and Paleobiology of mammals. I am principally working on the endocranial morphology using micro CT Scan imagery, focussing on the evolutionary history of sensory organs, mostly hearing and balance. I am principally working on Artiodactyla, on the question of secondary adaptations of hippos and cetaceans to semiaquatic/aquatic lifestyle, and on the clarification of their phylogenetic relationships. The evolutionary history of mammals is intimately linked to that of their central nervous system (and vice versa). I am also interested in the evolution of the brain in mammals, especially extinct taxa (“paleoneurology”), and in the possible correlations between certain brain parameters (volume, complexity, etc.) and evolutionary success (or decline).

Keywords :

Morphology – Mammalia – Artiodactyla – Endocranial structures – Phylogeny

Responsabilities :

– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026
– Co-editor-in-chief of the online platform MorphoMuseuM; Editor for the journal PaleoVertebrata